Road Safety

Be seen at all times when biking

Most bike accidents are due to cars that do not see the cyclist. For your own safety it is important to take precautions to avoid these accidents on the road. Be aware and make others aware!
There are many ways to prevent bike accidents on the road such as:
  • Using lights. Your bike should be equipped with a rear light for those behind you and a head light for yourself, to see and be seen.
  • Reflective components. Your bike should have side reflectors to enable others to perceive you from all directions.
  • Safety vest. Wear a safety vest to ensure that you are clearly visible on the road to other users.
  • Helmet. In the event of a fall on your bike a helmet could save your life. It is important to protect your head in the event of an accident!

The law requires you to use these safety precautions while on public roads. Always remember, on the road it’s not only your life on the line, it’s also the lives of those around you that depend on your safety as well as their own.

Drive with caution and respect to other road users
Click here to read the HSE Safety bulletin 2013-3.