Emergency Guides


The role of the Emergency Guide is to support the evacuation or the safekeeping of the staff within each building. The duties in relation to this task involve having received previous and adequate training as well as wearing the appropriate clothes (see picture below) and some form of hearing protection. His missions are comprised of:

  • Being in charge of evacuation procedures
  • Preventing anyone to move backward
  • Closing doors and windows
  • Guiding people to the nearest assembly point
  • Assembling and counting people once at the afore-mentioned assembly point

Building 5

Floor Emergency guides   Phone
5/R-007 Nathalie Dumeaux   78144
5/R-013 Amanda Lalande   78003
Donia Grandclaude   79435​
Emeline Dolmazon   63002​
5/2-021 Geraldine Ballet   74151
5/2-026 Celine Delieutraz   63786
5/3-004 Simon Guerri Dall'Oro   65691
5/3-026 Sandrine Magnan   74484
5/4-001 Adrien Frauenfelder   63383
5/4-009 Laszlo Abel   79561
5/5-008 Fabienne Baud-Lavigne   79136
5/5-014 Fouad Agherbi   79188



Buildings 562 & 662

Staff at the day nursery and nursery school:
Besarta Aliji   Florence Lac
Bérangère Bernard Pellaz   Martine Lorin
Mickaela Bjork   Sandy Mignot
Sabrina Cataldi   Stéphanie Morel
Marie-Luz Cavagna   Aude Mourey
Anabella Chen Ico Savoy   Nadia Mutambirwa
Susana Costa  
Sonia Osorio-Esteves
Catherine Dalphin   Stéphanie Palluel
Carole Dardagnon   Nicole Michele Ravagnani
Sofia Dias   Cecile Nicole Richard
Patricia Diaz   Sandrine Roch
Fabienne Dupraz   Céline Rousseau
Sandra Fleury   Sandrine Scremin
Jantina Focker   Majlinda Selmani
Ingrid Gauss   Patricia Serain
Sarah Godart   Cynthia Sigaud
Claire Goudour-Verliac   Rosine Truffaz-Donnet
Marjorie Grobon   Alexandra Vale Da Costa
Chloé Josserand