Children with special needs

Special language needs

Learning difficulties resulting from emotional, behavioural, neurological or physical problems

To find the most appropriate solution (therapy and/or establishment) for your child, don't hesitate to contact the CERN Social Service for more information.

Support groups for parents

The goal of these groups is to find support from each other as well as to share information on resources.

  • ASK - All Special Kids
    Swiss and Geneva-based, initially for anglophone parents. Since 2009/2010, there is also a francophone section
Only for staff members and fellows

CERN pays specific education fees for a child with disabilities which

  • is unable to meet the requirements of an educational establishment under normal conditions,
  • requires supervision in a specialised institute after completing full-time education.

The procedure for recognition is explained in the Admin e-guide (requires CERN login).

Only for members of CHIS with normal coverage

CHIS can pay an allowance in case of recognition of a permanent state of dependency (long term care) or reduced earning capacity.(Annex II)

For coordination with other benefits paid for children with disabilities by CERN, please refer to this note pdf.

Updated on: 11/12/2017