Payment of education fees: summary

The Organization pays staff, fellows and scientific associates education fees for each dependent child, subject to certain conditions.

Members of the personnel should consult the information below to check which education fees arrangements apply to them as this depends on their category and date of recruitment.

Additional information available in the Frequently Asked Questions section on education fees.

Categories Applicable procedure
Staff recruited before 01.01.2007, except former "local staff" Payment of education fees (including language course fees) - AC12A
Staff recruited* from 01.01.2007, onwards, including former "local staff" Payment of education fees - AC12B
Scientific associates and Guest Professors
  • holding a contract of at least 6 months, provided that:
  • the child resides with them for a minimum duration of 6 months, and
  • the child attends an educational establishment in the local area
Staff recruited from 01.01.2007, onwards and meeting the criteria for the award of the international indemnity Payment of language course fees

N.B.: The date of recruitment is the date on which the contract offer was made, not the date on which the member of the personnel took up his/her appointment. If in doubt, contact the Education Fees Service.

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