Part-time work as pre-retirement measure (PTP)

On the proposal of the Resources Planning Group, the Management has decided to encourage staff members approaching the age of retirement to work part time without any reduction of their pension entitlement if they so choose.

The validity of the programme has been extended until 31st December 2020. 
The continuation of these provisions beyond this point in time will be reviewed at a later date, taking account of the Organization's requirements.

Aim of the Programme:
The purposes of the scheme are to facilitate preparations for retirement while at the same time ensuring the transmission of skills and the organised transfer of responsibilities, as well as introducing some additional flexibility into the Organization's personnel budget.

1. Eligibility

The scheme is limited to staff members who:

  • will be aged 55 or more on the day they wish to join the scheme,

  • hold an indefinite contract stipulating a basic working week of 40 hours at the moment of submission of the application and at the moment of entry into the Programme, and

  • wish to work between 60% and 80% of full-time working hours.

Applications to participate in the Programme must be for a minimum period of one year starting on the first day of a month.

2. Employment conditions during membership of the Programme

2.1 Staff member status

Participants in the scheme retain their staff member status and remain subject to the provisions of the Staff Rules and Regulations until their contract terminates. By virtue of articles R I 3.02 - 04 of the Staff Regulations, they are not entitled to engage in any professional or political activity outside the Organization nor in any activities of a commercial nature without first obtaining written authorisation from the Director-General. 

2.2 Remuneration

Remuneration is calculated according to the percentage of working hours requested (between 60% and 80% of full-time working hours); this principle applies both to the basic salary and to allowances and indemnities, with the exception of the reimbursement of education fees and home leave expenses and of the special personal allowance paid to former holders of contracts with a 44-hour working week.

2.3 CERN Pension Fund contributions

The staff member's and the Organization's contributions to the Pension Fund are calculated as a proportion of the staff member's part-time salary. However, the staff member may apply to pay full contributions in accordance with article II 1.04 of the rules of the Fund (It should be noted that the basis for the calculation of benefits, including their reduction in application of article II 1.14 where applicable, is set out in article II 1.08 of the Regulations of the CERN Pension Fund), in which case the Organization will also pay its full contributions until the staff member's contract terminates.  

2.4 Health insurance contributions

Contributions to the CERN Health Insurance Scheme, which remain compulsory, are the same as those for other categories of part-time personnel (contribution payable by the main member plus supplementary contribution for spouse in certain circumstances).

2.5 Personal schedule of working hours

Subject to compatibility with the requirements of the service concerned, a schedule of time worked/not worked is drawn up and agreed by the Department hierarchy and the staff member in advance. The staff member's Department will exercise a certain degree of flexibility in agreeing the periods of time when the staff member is not at work, which may be organised on a daily, weekly or seasonal basis, taking account of the requirements of the service concerned, or else at the end of the staff member's career.

See also: Explanation of the adjustment rule for working hours of PRP and PTP participants

2.6 Annual leave

The annual leave entitlement and the maximum number of days of annual leave that can be carried forward from one year to the next are calculated in proportion to the staff member's contractual working hours.  

2.7 Compensatory leave and overtime

Hours of work performed over and above the contractual working hours give entitlement to compensatoryleave of up to a maximum of 40 hours per week but are not remunerated. Staff members benefiting from the provisions relating to part-time work as a pre-retirement measure are not authorised to perform overtime within the meaning of article R III l.06 of the Staff Regulations.  

2.8 Death or permanent disability during the period of part-time work

In the event of the death, permanent disability or protracted sick leave of the staff member, his case will be dealt with according to the procedure applicable to all part-time members of the personnel.

2.9 Conditions of contract termination

If the staff member is entitled to travel and removal expenses and to the reinstallation indemnity, they will be payable in full in accordance with the Staff Rules and Regulations. Any outstanding days of leave owing to the staff member must be taken before the termination of his contract.

Staff members participating in the Programme who wish to resign (before the age of 65) from the Organization must give six months' notice in writing.

Nevertheless, in order to be able to proceed with the administrative formalities, if the last day of work is before the six month's notice, the resignation have to be sent 1 or 2 months minimum before the last day of work (a Template of resignation letter for PTP participants is available).

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