Part-time work

This procedure does not apply to part-time work as a pre-retirement measure, which is covered in the procedure Part-time work as pre-retirement measure (PTP).

The basic working week is 40 hours and the basic working day is 8 hours. 
The basic working hours are 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., Mondays to Fridays inclusive, with a one-hour break for lunch.

Where required or permitted by the circumstances, the Organization may grant part-time contracts with a contractual working week of not less than 20 hours.

Financial consequences of part-time work

1. Basic salaries and stipends

If the contractual working week is less than 40 hours, the basic salary in the case of staff members or the stipend in the case of fellows is reduced proportionately.

2. Non-resident allowance or international indemnity

If the contractual working week is less than 40 hours, the non-residence allowance or the international indemnity is reduced proportionately.

3. Family allowances

Family allowances are paid in full, irrespective of the staff member’s or fellow’s contractual working hours.

4. Leave

The annual leave of part-time members of the personnel is calculated in proportion to the duration of the contractual working week. The same applies to the carry-forward of annual leave on 30 September each year.

Additional information regarding the leave calculation is available in this CERN Leave Management System (EDH) FAQ.

5. Consequences for contributions to the CERN Health Insurance Scheme

The contribution to the CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS) of the main member is calculated as a percentage of the reference salary, i.e. the amount does not vary according to the contractual working hours of the staff member or fellow concerned.

Staff or fellows who are not the main member of the CHIS (since their spouse/partner is also a staff member or fellow and is the main member) pay a “supplementary” contribution. If they work part-time, the latter is calculated on the basis of their actual weekly remuneration.

6. Consequences for contributions to the CERN Pension Fund

Part-time members of the personnel have a choice between:

  • having their contribution to the Fund calculated proportionately to their contractual working hours, or

  • continuing to pay 100% contributions to the Fund, in which case they must pay the full difference
    (i.e. their share and that of the Organization) themselves.

Members of the personnel can contact the CERN Pension Fund’s Benefits Service for information about the consequences of this choice. They can also subsequently apply to change their decision at any time during their part-time contract.

7. Special working hours

The Working hours procedure also applies to part-time staff and fellows.

8. Training

Pursuant to Article R II 3.04, no compensation or remuneration is granted for time spent on training outside contractual working hours. However, if a part-time worker follows training outside his or her normal working hours, the work schedule for the week concerned may be modified in agreement with the supervisor. For example, if a part-time staff member works 4 days a week (Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) and attends a training course on the usual day off (a Friday), the day off can be taken on another day of the week concerned (e.g. the Wednesday instead of the Friday).

9. Other indemnities

Part-time working hours may affect the calculation of the installation indemnity, the contract termination indemnities and the reinstallation indemnity..

The Human Resources Advisers (HRA) can be contacted for any additional information. 

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