Indefinite contract

The procedure that follows describes the process in view of the award of an indefinite contract: it starts with the definition of requirements during the slot opening process up to the decision of the Director General to award indefinite contracts.

Typically, the limited duration to indefinite contract exercise (LD2IC exercise) is held once per year, starting in the Spring with slot opening, definition, approval, and subsequent publication of approved slots and corresponding vacancy notices before the end of the Summer with CERN Contract Review Boards (CCRBs) held in the Autumn.

Framework: The procedure applicable in view of the award of an indefinite contract is laid down in Administrative Circular No. 2.

Stakeholders: The procedure involves the department in which the indefinite contract post (the “recruiting department”) is opened, Human Resources Advisers (HRA) and the CCRB Panel Members. CCRB Panel Members are proposed by the department heads and appointed by the Director General.

The process is coordinated by the CCRB planning team in the Frontline group from the HR Department.

Eligibility: All staff members holding a limited-duration contract who have successfully completed their probation period at the time of the application and who meet the eligibility criteria stipulated in the vacancy notice (VN) are entitled to apply for a post with a view to the award of an indefinite contract. However, practice shows that it is advisable to have acquired three years of experience as a CERN staff member before applying for an IC post.
The selected candidate must still be holding a limited-duration contract on the date of the award of an indefinite contract. Applicants are considered to be eligible if they still hold a limited-duration contract on the 31 December of the year concerned. This date will also be indicated in each vacancy notice.

A staff member is eligible to apply for a post of an equal or higher grade, provided that the post in question is classified under a benchmark job with an identical or higher range of grades, as per the following diagram:

See the document on the Benchmark jobs list.

Confidentiality: Pursuant to the principles of the CERN Code of Conduct the process must be conducted in strict confidence. This means that no name or any other details may be disclosed to anyone who is not a member of the CCRB carrying out the assessment for a particular slot.

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