CERN Health Insurance scheme board (CHIS Board)

Composition 2019

Strategic Advisor and Chairperson:
Carmelo Saitta (FAP)

Members appointed by the Management:
Clara Gaspar (EP)
Peter Jurcso (BE)
Daniela Macina (EN)

Jean-Pol Matheys (HR- CHIS Manager)

Members appointed by the Staff Association:
Sebastien Evrard (EN)
​Joël Lahaye (EN)

Members appointed by the CERN Pensionners' Association:
David Jacobs
orna Robillard

Standing invitations to attend:
Sandrine Baudat (HR - CHIS Deputy Manager)
​Roberto Buquicchio (Legal Adviser)
​John Wijnberg (Medical Adviser)

Sophie Wanert-Calaga (HR)

Updated on: 13/05/2019