Technical Management

CERN has a track record of building new particle physics facilities on time and within budget, which is proof of good management skills. The Technical Management portfolio supports the development of these skills and competencies by providing suitable learning solutions.

Contact us

Erwin MOSSELMANS, 74125, Programme Coordinator
Nathalie DUMEAUX, 78144, Administration

What the team does

Learning and Development organises technical management courses at CERN in collaboration with internal experts and/or external providers.

Type of training

These courses combine the teaching of recognised best practices (not CERN-specific) with knowledge of CERN- specific procedures and processes.
Examples of domains of expertise:

  • maintenance management
  • project management
  • procurement
  • EU fundraising
  • selection interviewing
  • dealing with media

Domains (based on CERN Competency Model)

Technical competency domains:

  • Managerial
  • Procurement
  • HR and services.
Service available to: 
Members of Personnel responsible for managing projects/contracts/activities.
Updated on: 12/12/2017