CERN is renowned as a world-wide leader in high energy particle physics as well as in international scientific collaboration. The Leadership portfolio supports the development of leadership competencies by providing individuals with suitable learning solutions.

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Pascale GOY,  62232, Programme Coordinator
Elizabeth EASTWOOD-BARZDO, 63361, Programme Coordinator
Nathalie DUMEAUX, 78144, Administration

What the team does

Learning and Development organises leadership courses at CERN in collaboration with internal experts and/or external providers.

Type of training

Training courses that develop your personal leadership skills by understanding yourself, how you relate to the people you work with and the leadership challenges you face. They aim at acquiring insights into the foundations of effective leadership and understanding the key aspects of leading a team or project.  They develop a comprehensive view of performance management through understanding the overall people management function, with reference to the leadership competencies needed for CERN leaders.

Domains (based on CERN Competency Model)

Behavioural leadership competencies

Service available to: 
Staff members in leadership positions (Section and Group leaders/deputies, Department Heads, supervisors, project leaders)
Updated on: 08/01/2018