What you need to know!

  • Your association as a Summer Student

By accepting our offer of a contract of a Summer Student, you will become, for the duration of the contract, an associated member of the personnel of CERN. As such, you are subject to all relevant legislation of CERN, in particular: 

Please note that you have accepted the application and declared that you are aware of CERN rules and regulations when signing the Release Statement upon your acceptance of your place on the Summer Student Programme.

While these regulations confer certain rights to you, you are also expected to comply with relevant obligations and restrictions. In particular, you are expected to respect the Organization’s working hours and to behave in an appropriate manner when being on CERN site, handling property of CERN or exposing in public your link to CERN.
Below you find a non- exhaustive extract of the most relevant rights and obligations resulting from your association with CERN.

  • Rights and Obligations resulting from your association with CERN


As a Summer Student, the Organization grants a subsistence allowance to you in order to cover the costs of your stay in the local area. This allowance amounts to 90 CHF net of tax per day.

Students receive, on the day of their arrival, a prepaid card on which an advance of 2600 CHF is paid. Students are provided with instructions on the use of their card as well as applicable fees. They have an obligation to read it.

Every four weeks (if applicable), an advance of 2600 CHF is paid on the prepaid card.

The balance of the subsistence allowance due (90 CHF multiplied by the number of remaining contract days) and the amount of the arrival and departure travel (if applicable) are credited on the card the last week of contract of the student.

The card is valid for six months after its issue. Money accumulated and unused beyond this will be lost.

Please make sure that you have enough money for the first week at CERN.

Travel expenses

You are entitled to reimbursement of your travel expenses from your place of residence at the time of the selection committee to CERN and return, provided that the place is situated outside a 70 km radius of CERN. You must arrange your own travel. Your expenses will be reimbursed on a lump-sum basis, depending on the distance between your place of residence (at the time of the selection committee) and CERN, at the end of your contract. You will receive this lump sum with your last payment.

Health Insurance

As a Student you are compulsorily affiliated to the Organization’s Health Insurance Scheme. For further information please refer to: Health Insurance leaflet summary.

Please note that you should inform CERN of any accident or illness related to your work or your way to or return from work. The CERN Medical Service and Social Affairs Service might advice you on doctors in the local region.

Working hours

Reference working hours at CERN are from 8.30 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 17.30, from Monday to Friday. Please note that these working hours may vary slightly, depending on the group you are working with.


As a summer student you have no entitlement to an annual leave. However, authorization for punctual absences may be granted in exceptional circumstances. In case of need, you should address to your supervisor and the Summer Student Team.

  • Conduct while on CERN sites or while handling CERN’s property


CERN is a non-smoking laboratory. In the CERN hostel, smoking is authorized in a limited number of bedrooms clearly marked, but never in common areas. In the cafeterias, smoking is authorized in clearly marked smoking zones.

Alcohol:  Operational Circular N°8

The consumption of alcohol during working hours is strictly forbidden. Alcoholic drinks may be consumed in great moderation during meals in the Organization’s cafeterias or restaurants outside working hours.

Use of CERN computing facilities: Operational Circular N°5

Leisure facilities on CERN site

CERN is not a university campus and, consequently, does not offer leisure facilities on site. There are areas especially dedicated and suitable for students’ parties and gatherings, in particular building 216 (“Pump Hall”) at the Meyrin site, or (for outdoor events) the Meyrin or the Prévessin barbecue areas. These places can be reserved via the software tool Indico. The Guidelines for social events have to be respected.