What appliances are in the kitchen?

In Saint Genis: There is one kitchen per floor (approx. 10 rooms). Food   storage and  cooking  facilities are  provided,  but there are no cooking and eating utensils (pots, pans, knives, forks, spoons…). Every resident has their own space in a cupboard and in the fridge in their kitchen, both of which are lockable. It is highly recommended that you bring a padlock for each, as things will otherwise get stolen.

In Building 38: The  kitchen is  equipped with (limited) food storage, cooking facilities and eating utensils. If you intend to cook however you should bring some of your own utensils if at all possible. There are no lockable storage facilities.

The kitchen facilities in both building 38 and Saint Genis are very limited. In building 38 however they are more modern whereas in the hostel in Saint Genis they are very basic.