Student T-Shirt

Summer Students T-Shirt

Traditionally, Summer Students design their own T-Shirt which will be a great memory of your summer at CERN. There are no bounds for your creativity!

Please note that the CERN logo may be used on the Summer Student T-shirts only in compliance with the following rules: The attached outline version must be used. It is also available online . These rules have to be followed when using CERN's logo:

  • The logo may not be modified; its design is fixed. 
  • It is forbidden to separate the components of the logo or to alter their design.
  • It is forbidden to use the logo as a watermark overlaid with any other material.
  • The rules set out in the graphic charter must be respected (online here)
  • Where an image is to be used, please check that CERN owns the rights.
  • For any T-shirt that uses the CERN logo, a pre-press proof must be sent to Ms. Marcastel

Happy designing!