ROOT is a tool kit for data analysis, storage and visualization. It is widely used in High Energy Physics and other disciplines.

This three hours tutorial comprises a front lecture and hands on exercises. It will be driven by slides which will present to the students all the basic concepts and tools ROOT provides. They will also guide them through many interactive examples and exercices largely extracted from the "ROOT Primer" handbook.

The attendees will need their laptop to profitably take part in the hands-on sessions during the workshop.

The hands-on sessions will be carried out in two ways: mainly online with the platform offered by the SWAN service ( and with local ROOT installations on the laptop. Usage of the CERN Lxplus cluster will be also possible. All participants should have a CERNBox before the tutorial: this can be created connecting to (link is external) . The SWAN service can be then reached at the address (link is external) .
The ROOT version which will be used during the training is ROOT 6.10.00, available at If the student cannot install ROOT on the laptop, a virtual machine has been prepared in order to seamlessly provide it. The instructions to install the virtual machine can be found at

This indico page also provides more material which will be used during the exercices. The (link is external) ROOT web site is a very good source of documentation and help. We will spend some times explaining the various headings one can find there, and will constantly refer to them during all the lesson.

Lectures will be given by:Olivier Couet, Enric Tejedor

Danilo Piparo
Date and time: 
27.06 / 03.07 / 04.07 from 14h00 to 17h00
Total Students: 
180 students - 3 groups of 50 students