Mutual insurance

Founded in 1934 by and for teachers in France, MAIF is a mutual insurance company, which has maintained its original style of operation.

As a mutual organisation, MAIF has no capital or shareholders to pay.  Insurance is not a source of profit, but a means to ensure quality and continuity of its services.

Who can become a member?

  • Employed and associated members of CERN personnel residing in France. - More info.

Main Advantages

  • Comprehensive insurance policies for vehicle/home/family
  • A range of additional services available
  • Quick and efficient management of claims
  • Completion of most procedures over the internet

How to become a member

Either by applying on line or by contacting the regional office for your "departement".

Proof of employment at CERN will be requested.  You can print off your own certificate from HRT - My self services.

For more information visit:

Updated on: 17/12/2010