HR Structure

Mandate of the CERN HR Department

The Human Resources (HR) Department is responsible for developing strategies and providing services to support the CERN Management in defining, implementing and monitoring a human resources policy adapted to CERN’s current and future needs. It also helps the Organization to maintain its excellence by recruiting staff members with the key competencies required for the realisation of its mission.

To this end the HR department acts as:

- a guarantor of equitable treatment and consistent application of HR Policy throughout the Organization;    

- a facilitator in human resources matters for all members of personnel;

- a partner in the definition of the laboratory’s HR Policy.


HR Groups

Administratively attached to the department:

HR Management Board Members

Department Head J. Purvis
Deputy Department Head G. Guinot
Compensation & Benefits Group Leader G. Guinot
Department Head Office Group Leader J. Purvis
Frontline Group Leader M.-L. Rivier
Learning & Development Group Leader P. Goy
Talent Acquisition Group Leader L. Taillieu


HR Members with other organizational responsabilities

Diversity and Inclusion Programme L. Carvalho
Departmental Administrative Officer N. Bordon
Space Manager J. Litras
Departmental Planning Officer P. Pessy
Departmental Training Officer R. Alot Barajas
Departmental Safety Officer N. Koivunen
SCC (CCP) and TREF Committees C. Granier (CCP) A. Cook (TREF)


DHO - Department Head Office  

HR-DHO Structure

The Department Head Office develops policies and provides services as well as expert advice in the following areas:

  • HR development and strategy:
    • HR policies, projects and initiatives 
    • Organisational development
  • Support to CERN-wide bodies (e.g. CCP, TREF, Rehabilitation and Disability Board)
  • Relations with Staff Association and Member States
  • Five-yearly review of employment conditions
  • Diversity in the workplace
  • Legal advice on HR matters:
    • Prevention and settlement of internal disputes
    • Drafting and interpretation of the Staff Rules and Regulations and related documents
  • Administrative and secretarial support


CB - Compensation and Benefits

HR-CB Structure

  • Compensation and classification
  • Benefits (education fees, unemployment and family allowances, travel, overtime, international indemnity, installation and reinstallation indemnities, stand-by duties, shift, leave, home station and pre-retirement programmes)
  • Merit Evaluation and Recognition Integrated Toolkit (MERIT)
  • Health Insurance:
    • Policies and measures to ensure long-term equilibrium of CERN Health Insurance Scheme
    • Management of the Health Insurance Administration contract
  • Social Welfare:
    • Support to members of the personnel and, where relevant,  family members and retirees on matters related to integration, education, handicap, Swiss and French social security and personal matters
    • Personnel welfare initiatives (e.g., preparation for retirement, prevention of alcoholism, stress and burn-out)


FL - Frontline

HR-FL Structure

The HR Frontline acts as the main point of contact for members of personnel to answer their requests. The main role of the HR Frontline is to advise the members of personnel and provide consultancy services. The HR Frontline is supported by CoEs for specific expertise in HR processes.

More specifically, the HR Frontline:

  • Advises & supports supervisors in their HR and people activities
  • Deals with day to day staff members’ work related concerns
  • Operationalizes HR strategy
  • Supports change management and organizational development activities
  • Drives HR processes into practice and provides feedback to COEs


LD - Learning and Development

HR-LD Structure

  • Identification of learning needs
  • HR learning programmes:
    • Career Transition
    • Language
    • Leadership
    • Personal Development & Communication
    • Technical
    • Technical Management
  • Tailored learning initiatives
  • Management of corporate mandatory development programmes
  • Monitoring of Organization-wide learning


TA -  Talent Acquisition

HR-TA Structure

  • Staff member recruitment (Limited-duration contract recruitment), including sourcing
  • Capacity planning 
  • Fellows, Associates, Students and Apprentices Programmes (including project associates, VIAs, trainees and interns)
  • Marie Curie Programmes as well as various bilateral programmes for externally-funded appointments.


SA - Staff Association Secretariat - administratively attached to HR 

HR-SA Structure

  • Secretariat and coordination of administrative activities for the Staff Association committees
  • Information and advice on Staff Association activities
  • Other activities such as clubs, nursery school, pensioners’ association, etc.


Updated on: 05/02/2020