HR Projects

CERN's HR Department is currently working on / taking part in a number of projects and initatives as follows:

(* = project within the framework of Talent Management)



Project Leader

Working group members

Key Focus

Internal Mobility*

Isabel Pumares

(Sponsor: James Purvis)


Katharine Thomas-Chevreux

Lisette Van Den Boogaard (TE)

Maite Barroso (IT)

Lucie Barbin

Sandrine Baudat (SA)

Caroline Cazenoves (SA)


Enhance opportunities, clarify processes and increase efficiency in the way Internal Mobility is managed at CERN.

ERP study*

Sponsors: James Purvis, Jean-Marc Saint-Viteux


Lucy Lockwood (FAP)


Review the current FAP-AIS approach of selecting best-of-breed IT tools to support CERN’s processes and needs, and compare this to using a single integrated IT solution. Core study domains are Finance, HR, Logistics, Organisational Planning, Procurement and Supply Chain Management. Experts from each domain will work with an external consultant and will provide CERN with a recommendation on which approach to select.

Workforce Planning*

Anna Cook

(Sponsor: James Purvis)

Anna Cook


Besides current CERN planning tools already in place (MPP, MTP, APT), review ways to include qualitative planning aspects (e.g. competencies, skillsets) for CERN to ensure talent development, optimal sourcing for future programmes and succession planning.


Pascale Goy

(Sponsor: James Purvis)

Elizabeth Eastwood – Barzdo
Lore Taillieu
Anna Cook
Sofia Slotte
Virginie Naepels
Aurélie Choy
Roxana Banica
Rafaele Obergfell
Pascale Leuzzi
Martine Jammes
Giuliana Riso
Erwin Mosselmans
Donna Carmona

To provide a holistic onboarding programme, irrespective of contract status, and provide the newcomer with quality, timely and harmoniously branded information in order to be fully operational on arrival, as well as the means to feel and become fully integrated in the CERN community.

Stress management*

Marie-Luce Falipou

(Sponsor: Marie-Laure Rivier & James Purvis)


Isabelle Mardirossian (SA)

 Oliver Boettcher (EN)

Pierre Gildemyn

Simon Baird (HSE)

Véronique Fassnacht (HSE)

Rafaele Obergfell

Francesco Castiglione



Excess stress is thought to affect individual’s mental and physical health, as well as an organization's effectiveness.

The DG strongly supports measures to tackle work-related stress and promote the quality of working life at CERN.

This is a dedicated multidisciplinary Project Team involving HR, HSE, SA and the Ombuds to study recommendations for a stress prevention programme to:

- Identify and act on causes of stress
- Increase the coping ability of employees
- Reinforce support systems


Learning pathways*


Elizabeth Eastwood-Barzdo

(Sponsor: Pascale Goy)



Explore routes through a range of learning & development activities, which allow staff to build knowledge and skills progressively.

​NB: Project on-hold

Developmental Conversations*

Elizabeth Eastwood-Barzdo

(Sponsor: Pascale Goy)



Christille De Poix

Sara Stappers

Serge Grillot (SA)

Sandrine Baudat (SA)


Provide a structured framework for conversations between staff member and hierarchy to define mid/long term professional development goals to sustain motivation and enhance performance.

Validation of Acquired Experience*

Hendrik Courtens

(Sponsor: Jean-Marc Saint-Viteux)

Pascale Goy

Maria Fiascaris

Serge Grillot (SA)

John Etheridge (EN)

Ensure the experience acquired ​in the course of one's career is recognised by CERN.

Future leaders*

Pascale Goy

(Sponsor: James Purvis)

Pascale Goy

Explore ways to develop future talents

NB: Project on-hold

MERIT implementation

(performance,   promotion, BMJ)- Lessons learnt

Genevieve Guinot

(Sponsors: James Purvis

Jean-Marc Saint-Viteux)

Sara Stappers

Pascale Pessy

Geneviève Guinot

Roland Baumann

Implementation of the new MERIT system and a continuous improvement: evaluation of the results, collection of stakeholders ‘feedback, report to the Management, adjustment of the system accordingly.

CERN Competency Model Implementation

Christille De Poix

(Sponsor: Marie-Laure Rivier)

HR Group Leaders

Following its 2016 revision, implement CERN technical competency model throughout HR processes.

External Activity Guidelines

Louise Carvalho

(Sponsor: DHO)

Ingrid Haug
Katharine Thomas-Chevreux
Regular AC review committees

Under “Integrity at CERN”, a senior working group submitted to the DG proposed Guidelines for the handling of external activities under I 3.02.  The approved Guidelines are now with HR for implementation and creation of an external guidelines request form.

Administrative streamlining project (driven by FAP) – school fees & travel

Sylvie Dethurens

(Sponsor: Geneviève Guinot)

Jan Robinson (FAP)

Sandrine Baudat (FAP)

Lucy Lockwood (FAP)

Yael Grange (FAP)

Sylvie Dethurens -Favez

Analysis of claims processing,
Implementation of admin simplifications,
Streamlining procedures across the Organization.


Applicant Tacking System

Anne Capodici

(Sponsor: Lore Taillieu)

Anna Cook
Katerina Janaqi
Juan Lopez Gonzalez (FAP-AIS)
Ioana Stoica

Replacement of the current ATS (e-RT) with  a new SaaS based solution, Smartrecruiters which was evaluated in collaboration with AIS &  IT.

This change is also an opportunity to review together our working practices and processes for the recruitment of staff, fellows, students and associates. This will allow the streamlining and improvement of our working methods as we face ever increasing numbers of applications & selections, particularly in the context of geographical enlargement.

Learning Management System

Erwin Mosselmans

Giovanni Chierico (FAP-AIS)

(Sponsor: Pascale Goy)


Derek Mathieson (FAP)


HSE-training team


Implementation of a system (CTA replacement) that will manage formal training, logistical organization and serve as a repository for e-learning and other learning documentation, all under the same platform used by administrators and users.

​Review Investigation procedure

Louise Carvalho

(Sponsor: Jean-Marc Saint-Viteux)



Tim Smith (IT)
Kirsten Baxter (LS)
Catherine Laverriere (SA)
Angela Goehring-Crinon (HSE)
​Amanda Lalande



The aim of the Focus Group is to identify and elaborate on policy considerations for a new Investigation at CERN circular.  These considerations will be submitted to the management for decision on, for example, whether to conduct investigations with external investigators only; with internal investigators only (as currently), or to have a mix of internal/external.

Diversity - review of the objectives

Genevieve Guinot

(Sponsor: James Purvis)


Geneviève Guinot



Travel Policy


Sylvie Dethurens

(Sponsor: Geneviève Guinot)



Sylvie Dethurens
Leonard Duret

Clarify rules and best practises in terms of official travel reimbursement.

Conflict of Interest + External Activities (since June 2014)

Jean-Marc Saint-Viteux

(Sponsor: DG)

Eva-Maria Groniger-Voss (DG-LS)
Kirsten Baxter (DG-LS)
Louise Carvalho
Bertrand Salami (DG-IA)
Raphael Otzenberger (DG –IA)


Application for the EU HR Excellence in Research Award Cecile Granier (Sponsor: Eckhard Elsen)

Cecile Granier, Lore Taillieu, Anna Cook (HR-TA)

Focus Groups and Steering Group

Further to CERN’s first application for the ‘HR Excellence in Research Award”, which was accepted pending minor alterations, CERN hereby confirms its intention to follow up on the recommendations received with a view to completing the process.

A survey was sent on 18 September 2017 to researchers at all levels within the Organization for their input regarding the 40 principles of the EU Charter and Code and to what extent CERN implements them. This is to serve as basis for a subsequent gap analysis with a view to producing an action plan to address relevant points.

Updated on: 18/12/2017