Emergency Evacuation Procedure


DO NOT PANIC! At all times during an emergency follow the instructions of the Emergency Guides.

  1. If the evacuation alarm sounds or if instructed to do so by an Emergency Guide, leave the building using the nearest and safest exit route (see Evacuation Plans). All doors should be closed (but not locked) on leaving.
  2. If possible take hand help personal belongings (such as handbags and briefcases) with you when you leave. Do NOT return to collect belongings.
  3. In the case of a fire, do not use the lifts.
  4. Assist any person with a disability to leave the building. Use evacuation chairs to carry people down stairs.
  5. Walk quickly and calmly to the designated assembly area for your building or as advised by an Emergency Guide or Fire and Rescue Service personnel.
  6. Remain at the assembly area (in groups) until instructed to leave by the TSO or Fire and Rescue Service personnel.
  7. Do not re-enter the building until informed that it is safe to do so by the TSO o Fire and Rescue Service personnel.