CHIS - Who to contact for what?

UNIQA - Third-Party Administrator (TPA) of the CHIS

Contact UNIQA for any question or query regarding:

  • the Scheme in general;
  • your cover and your benefits (including conditions and procedures);
  • your spouse's and children's cover and benefits;
  • your claims and reimbursements (including their processing or calculation);
  • membership cards and insurance certificates;
  • the approved hospitals and health care providers in general;
  • the application of the CHIS Rules (e.g. why is reimbursement not possible, why is a given benefit not available).

The easiest is to contact UNIQA by e-mail: (link sends e-mail). You can also send postal mail to or visit the UNIQA Offices. Your reimbursement statements and information on your insurance cover are also available online on the UNIQA Member Portal (link is external).

UNIQA Worldwide Assistance & Medgate (medical helpline)

In case of urgent health problems during travel outside the Geneva area, you can call: +41.22.819 44 77. This service provides medical assistance globally and is available 24/7. The telephone number is printed on the back of your insurance card. Please note that if the Scheme provides evacuation when required for medical reasons, it does not provide repatriation.

Medgate offers you the possibility to consult a nurse or a doctor by telephone at +41.22.819 44 77 or, once agreed by phone, via internet (using Skype, for example) at any time (24/7). If you need medication, Medgate will let you know the nearest open pharmacy and may even be able to forward your prescription to it. If you need to consult a doctor in person, Medgate will tell you the nearest doctor on call or open health centre.

SHIPID Service

Questions regarding the Spouse Health Insurance & Professional Income Declaration (SHIPID) or your supplementary contributions should be addressed to: CHIS SHIPID Service. However, questions on the health insurance options available to spouses (e.g. CHIS acting as primary or supplementary health insurance), including options available to frontaliers, should be addressed to UNIQA (see above).

CHIS Manager

Contact the CHIS Manager only for questions other than those above or if the answers you received from the above services were not satisfactory. For instance, you may contact the CHIS Manager to provide feedback on the website or the CHIS Bull', feedback on your experience with the TPA (UNIQA), or if you would like to propose changes to the benefits, procedures or operations of the CHIS. Please only contact the CHIS Manager by E-mail : (link sends e-mail)

Updated on: 24/09/2018