CHIS - Voluntary membership for associated members of the personnel (MPA)

The health insurance cover of associated members of the CERN personnel (MPA), except that of students, is the responsibility of their home institute and must be of an adequate level, i.e. sufficient to cover health expenses in Geneva and neighbouring France. CERN MPA must supply proof of insurance upon taking up their duties.

Should their home institute fail to provide such adequate protection (including through a national social security system), associated members of the personnel are under the strict obligation to subscribe themselves to such an insurance for the duration of their contract with CERN (including extensions or renewals). Under these circumstances and if they so wish, the following categories of personnel are entitled to join the CHIS on a voluntary basis:

  • CERN Associates for the purpose of international collaboration (USERS, Cooperation Associates and Project Associates) ;
  • CERN Associates for the purpose of exchange of scientists (Scientific Associates, Corresponding Associates, Visiting Scientists and Guest Professors) ; and
  • Trainees.

As of 1 Septembre 2017, it will no longer be possible for associated members of the personnel to become voluntary members of the CHIS, irrespective of their conditions of association with CERN.

The CHIS offers three types of cover for MPA, subject to the duration of their contract of association with CERN; the normal, reduced and short-term covers. Their conditions and benefits are specified in the Rules of the CERN Health Insurance Scheme (see reference documents below). 

Applications for voluntary membership of the CHIS must be submitted to UNIQA within thirty (30) calendar days from the start date of the contract of association with CERN, or from the date of a change in their contractual situation which re-opens the possibility to apply for affiliation to the CHIS (see article VII 5.03 of the CHIS Rules). Application forms and further information are available upon request from UNIQA.

To be noted that an extension of the contract of association with CERN automatically extends voluntary affiliations, except where annual working hours under the renewed contract of association have decreased from over 50% under the previous contract to 50% or less under the new one; or where renewal of the contract of association is under the responsibility of a new employer who is under the obligation to cover the member of the personnel with a similar health insurance.

Associated Members of the Personnel are invited to contact the UNIQA office at CERN for further information on the CHIS covers.

For all information about alternative health insurance solutions, Users are invited to enquire with the Users Office (link is external), and other categories of MPA's with their Department secretariat (DAO) (link is external) or Group Secretaries (GAO).

Updated on: 05/07/2017