CHIS - Travelling and living abroad

Insurance cover provided by the CHIS Normal Cover is world-wide.

Before leaving

  • Ensure to bring your insurance card and the cards of family members accompanying you.
  • For ambulatory treatment, you'll be reimbursed on the basis of a detailed and paid invoice.
  • In the event of hospitalisation, UNIQA can settle the invoice directly with the hospital (on request from the hospital).

During travel

In the event of urgent health problems you may contact UNIQA Assistance for medical assistance 24/7, on number:


Services provided by UNIQA Assistance:

  • Help to find the doctor or hospital that fits best to your pathology
  • Assistance to carry out the admission formalities (including providing Guarantees of Payment to the hospital).

For hospitalisation in USA, call:


to avoid paying a deposit for hospital admission, and you will significantly reduce the cost of your hospitalisation.

Important concerning hospitalisation in the USA: even if the hospital insists, make no deposit or payment to the hospital yourself, as you will no longer benefit from the reduction of costs negotiated by the UNIQA partner in the US. Request that the hospital call the above number to obtain necessary guarantees of payment, or make the call yourself.

For more information contact UNIQA

Updated on: 17/03/2015