CHIS - Members & Membership

Compulsory membership

Main member

Members of the personnel in the following categories are automatically affiliated to the CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS) on a compulsory basis from the first day of their contract with CERN:

  • Staff Members ;
  • Fellows ;
  • Students (doctoral, technical, summer and administrative students); and
  • Apprentices whose contract started before 1 August 2016.

Compulsorily insured Main members are covered by the CHIS Normal Health Insurance (Chapter III of the CHIS Rules) and for Occupational Illnesses and Accidents (Chapter VI of the CHIS Rules).

Family members

Family members (as defined in Article S IV 1.02 of the Staff Rules and Regulations) to Staff Members, Fellows and Students are automatically affiliated to the CHIS on a compulsory basis. For information on the recognition of civil partnership as a family tie see the page: recognition of partnership.

Family members are covered by the CHIS Normal Health Insurance (Chapter III of the CHIS Rules).

For spouses who have no other health insurance, the CHIS will function as their primary health insurance (basic health insurance) and a monthly supplementary contribution is payable according to their gross monthly income. For those spouses who have their own health insurance recognised by CERN as a similar health insurance in accordance with the CHIS Rules (e.g. the French Securité Sociale or a Swiss LAMal insurance) the CHIS will function as a complementary insurance without supplementary contribution payable. For information about how to use the CHIS as a complementary insurance please refer to the frequently asked questions.
In either case, the main member must submit a CHIS Declaration concerning the health insurance situation of his spouse in order to inform CERN, among other, whether the spouse/partner wishes to use the CHIS as a primary or complementary (secondary) insurance.

In order to keep the health insurance cover of their family members up to date, Staff Members, Fellows (and Beneficiaries of the Pension Fund) are obliged to declare to CERN:

  • any change in their family situation (e.g. marriage or registration of partnership, birth or adoption, divorce or death) by submitting the official documents to their DAO (or to the Pension Fund) within 30 calendar days of the change (see admin e-guide); and
  • those who are married or in a registered civil partnership are, in addition, obliged to declare any change in their spouse or partner’s health insurance coverage or in his/her income or pension deriving from professional activity. This shall be done by submitting a CHIS Declaration within thirty (30) calendar days following the occurrence of the change or following a request from CERN. For further information, see the page Declaration of Health Insurance Situation Spouse/Partner.

Students are subject to the first bullet point above.


Continuation of membership on a voluntary basis for previously compulsorily insured members

When a compulsory affiliation comes to an end, or during an interruption of it, the following persons can, upon request, remain affiliated to the CHIS Normal Health Insurance Cover on a voluntary basis;

  • persons who are becoming beneficiaries of the CERN Pension Fund.
  • children of a Main Member who are no longer dependent within the meaning of the CERN Staff Rules and Regulations, until the first/last day in the month of their 26th birthday, provided that their parent remains a Main Member of the CHIS.
  • Staff Members and Fellows for any period of special unremunerated leave lasting one complete calendar month or more and students for any period of unremunerated absence lasting one complete calendar month or more.
  • former CHIS members (provided they meet the criteria of article III 2.04 of the CHIS Rules) for a maximum period of 12 months from the last day of compulsory membership (or 60 weeks is in receipt of unemployment benefits from CERN).

The request for voluntary affiliation and continued membership must be submitted to UNIQA within thirty (30) calendar days after the last day of compulsory affiliation, or before the start of the period of interruption of the compulsory affiliation.

Prior to submitting a request for a voluntary affiliation and continued membership to the CHIS, applicants should verify themselves that the affiliation and continued CHIS membership are compatible with the requirements of the national legislation(s) that is(are) applicable to them, and in particular those of their country of residence and/or the country in which they work. For this purpose, applicants should contact the competent national or local authority. The CHIS and UNIQA are not competent to provide any information or advice in this regard.

The forms for requesting a continuation of membership are provided by UNIQA. Beneficiaries of the CERN Pension Fund should contact the CERN Pension Fund’s benefit service in order to obtain the dedicated affiliation form.

The monthly contribution rates applicable to members who prolong their affiliation on a voluntary basis are published in the CERN Bulletin and under the link Contributions on this website.

Updated on: 24/05/2016