CHIS - Members & Membership

Any Main or Subsidiary Member is a Member of the CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS)

The following are Main Members of the CHIS:

1. Compulsory Main Members

Any member of the CERN personnel for whom membership of the Scheme is compulsory by virtue of his or her contract of employment or association with the Organization, as specified in the Staff Rules and Regulations:

  • Staff members and fellows;
  • Students participating in one of CERN’s student programmes, as defined in Administrative Circular No. 11 (Categories of members of the personnel).
  • Apprentices whose contracts started before 1 August 2016.

Membership as a Compulsory Main Member extends from the first to the last day of the contract of employment or association with the Organization.Compulsory membership is interrupted during any period of unpaid special leave or unpaid authorised absence of one month or more, except in the case of parental leave.

Compulsory Main Members are entitled to the following categories of benefits:

  • normal health insurance (Chapter VII of the CHIS rules);
  • occupational insurance (Chapter IX);
  • long-term care benefits (Chapter X);
  • insurance against the reduced earning capacity of a family member (Chapter XI).

2. Post-compulsory Main Members

Any person who has opted for post-compulsory membership in accordance with the provisions of the CHIS rules (Chapter III, Section 2). Post-Compulsory Main Members are entitled to the following categories of benefits:

  • normal health insurance (Chapter VII);
  • long-term care benefits (Chapter X);
  • allowance for the reduced earning capacity of a family member, in accordance with the conditions defined in Chapter XI.

3. Voluntary Main Members

Any person who meets the conditions for voluntary membership and has joined the CHIS before the date specified in Article III 3.01. Categories of benefits for Voluntary Members are defined in Article III 3.05.


The following are Subsidiary Members of the CHIS:

  • Any family member (as defined in Article S IV 1.02 of the Staff Regulations and Rules) of a Compulsory Main Member;
  • Any family member of a Post-Compulsory Main Member;
  • Any family member of a Voluntary Main Member with a normal health insurance.

The membership of Subsidiary Members who meet the above criteria is compulsory and automatic.

For spouses who have no other health insurance, the CHIS will function as their primary health insurance (basic health insurance) and a monthly additional contribution is payable according to their gross monthly income. For spouses who have their own health insurance recognised by CERN as a similar health insurance in accordance with the CHIS Rules, e.g. the French Sécurité Sociale or a Swiss LAMal insurance (see Article IV 1.03), the CHIS will function as a complementary health insurance without additional contribution.

In order to keep the health insurance cover of their family members up to date, Main Members are obliged to declare in writing to Organization:

- any change in their marital status or family status (e.g. marriage or partnership registration, birth or adoption of a child, divorce or death) by submitting official documents to their DAO (or the Pension Fund) within 30 calendar days of the change (see admin e-guide);
- Pursuant to Article IV 2.02 of the CHIS Rules, they are obliged to declare the following information concerning their spouse in writing to the Organization:

  • any other primary health insurance scheme of which the spouse is a member; and
  • in the event that the spouse does not have adequate primary health insurance, the amount of any income received by the spouse deriving from a professional activity and/or a retirement pension.

This declaration must be made within the 30 calendar days following any change in the spouse’s:

  • professional activity (e.g. start or end of employment contract, change of employer);
  • health insurance;
  • gross income, if this results in a change of income bracket (see the table here).

Declarations must be made using the “SHIPID” (Spouse Health Insurance & Professional Income Declaration) form.

Updated on: 24/05/2019