CHIS - Governance

The CERN Council is the sole organ competent to modify the benefits and/ or rates of contribution  to the CHIS. However, the ceilings of reimbursement on certain benefits are indexed annually, according to the evolution of CERN salaries.

The CHIS Board was established in 1992 on the proposal of the Standing Concertation Committee (CCP). It is responsible to the CCP for the general supervision of the Scheme with a view to ensure the objectives of the Scheme, including its long-term financial balance, in the interest of the Members of the Scheme and of the Organization. (see Rules)

The terms of reference of the CHIS Board include to:

  • propose measures to contain costs and to adapt the levels of benefits and contributions;
  • draw up proposals to adapt the policy of the Scheme according to the general evolution of the needs of the Scheme and to the available resources;

The CHIS Board is a joint body comprising representatives of the Management of the Organization, on the one hand, and of the Members of the Scheme - active members of the CERN personnel and beneficiaries of the CERN Pension Fund - nominated by the Staff Association, on the other.

The CHIS Board is not entitled to handle individual cases.


Updated on: 15/04/2019