CHIS - Contribution rates as of 2019

The contribution rates are defined in the Rules and subject to annual revision. Announcements on changes in the contribution rates are made on this website, in the CERN Bulletin and under Official communications for the CERN community.

  • For staff, fellows, students and apprentices the contribution rate is 4.86 % of the monthly remuneration, whilst for pensioners of the last monthly basic salary received from CERN. The last monthly basic salary is indexed in line with the pensions. The contribution is directly deducted from the remuneration received from CERN, or from the pension received from the CERN Pension Fund.
  • Family members: the contribution paid by the Main Member includes the cover for their family membres. The member of personnel who is affiliated to the Regime (on a compulsory or voluntary basis) is the Main Member. However, if the spouse or registerd partner of a staff member, fellow or pensioner has an income from professional activity and does not have their own similar basic health insurance, a supplementary contribution is required according to the below table. The supplementary contribution is directly deducted from the remuneration the Main Member receives from CERN, or from the pension the Main Member receives from the CERN Pension Fund.​

Gross monthly income of the spouse/partner Supplementary contribution as of March 2018
up to 2'500 CHF (inclusive) none
2'501 - 4'500 CHF 170 CHF
4'501 - 6'500 CHF 267 CHF
6'501 - 8'500 CHF 365 CHF
8'501 - 10'500 CHF 462 CHF
10'501 - 12'500 CHF 559 CHF
12'501 - 14'500 CHF 656 CHF
14'501 - 16'500 CHF 753 CHF
16'501 - 18'500 CHF 851 CHF
18'501 - 20'500 CHF 948 CHF
20'501 - 22'500 CHF 1'045 CHF
from 22'501 CHF 1'142 CHF
  • An amount of 521 CHF is applied to children maintaining their insurance cover on a voluntary and temporarily basis.
  • As of 1 September 2017, it is no longer possible for Associated Members of the Personnel (MPA) to join the Scheme as Voluntary Members. However, Members who were already Voluntary Members on this date may remain so, provided that they meet certain conditions.
    • If they have opted for the normal coverage, and receive no income from the Organization nor from the CERN Pension Fund, the contribution is a fixed amount payable every month in advanceThe contribution as of January 2019 is 1'220 CHF/month. 
    • If they have opted for the reduced coverage, the contribution is a fixed amount payable in advance every month and as of January 2019 is 610 CHF/month .
Updated on: 14/03/2019