CHIS - Claiming reimbursement

UNIQA reimburses invoices which previously have been paid by yourself. It is therefore required to provide proof of payment for each invoice for which you claim reimbursement. You may claim reimbursement up to 12 months after the date of issue of the invoice.
or exceptionnally high medical costs, UNIQA may reimburse you in advance according to art. VIII 1.03 of the CHIS Rules (for more information on prior reimbursements, please contact the UNIQA office at CERN directly).

Reimbursement is claimed with the Medical Expenses Claim Form below - fill out one form per person, per case (accident, maternity, professional illness). You can group different expenses from the same case (doctor's fee, pharmacy, laboratory, dental care, ....).
To know how different medical expenses will be reimbursed and if any special conditions apply, please consult the relevant list of benefits in the Annexes of the CHIS Rules.

Submit the duly completed form together with supporting documents to UNIQA. Supporting documents include originals of:  prescriptions, invoices, proof of payment, the letter of prior approval or opinion (if required). In case you claim reimbursement for an accident follwow the additional instruction found under Accident declaration. In case you claim reimbursement for an occupational accident or illness follow the additional procedure defined in Administrative Circular No. 14 (see also the admin e-guide).
Forms and blue pre-printed envelopes (with the address of UNIQA) are available from the CERN departemental secretariats and at the UNIQA Offices.

Once a correctly completed claim for reimbursement has been received at the UNIQA Geneva office, reimbursement is usually made within a fortnight. Please note that the delay does not take into account the time for your claim to reach the Geneva office by post, nor the time needed for the bank transfer. Reimbursement times may also be affected by seasonal peaks, in particular around the beginning of the year.

Reimbursements are made in Swiss francs by bank transfer.

You will receive notifications of reimbursement both by postal mail and electronically to your account on UNIQA's Extranet. Should you prefer to recieve only electronic documents, you may change these settings at any time on UNIQA's Extranet.

Updated on: 09/04/2015