CHIS - Accident declaration

A distinction shall been made between occupational and non-occupational  accidents.

1. Occupational accidents

Declaration to EDH

Accidents resulting in bodily injuries of a member of personnel and presumed to be of an occupational nature shall, under normal circumstances, be declared within 10 working days via EDH (require CERN username and password).
For more info, please consult the admin e-guide.


CERN will notify both you and UNIQA about its decision to qualify, or not qualify, the accident as an occupational accident.

Whichever the qualification is; when you claim reimbursement for costs related to an accident declared via EDH, please tick box 4 on the claim form and indicate the EDH number of the declaration.

It is not necessary to print the declaration and to attach it to the claim form.

2. Non occupational accidents

Declaration via form below

All other accidents shall be declared via the form available on this website.  Printed copies are available at the UNIQA Helpdesk.


The accident form shall be returned to UNIQA together with the first claim related to the accident.
For subsequent claims for the same accident, tick box 6 (accident) on the form and add the date of the accident.

Updated on: 01/11/2018