Agreement EHPAD "Le Clos Chevalier" in Ornex

EHPAD = Etablissement pour l'Hébergement de Personnes Agées Dépendantes (care centre for dependent elderly people)

In March 2008 CERN signed an agreement with ORSAC, the organisation that runs the EPHAD "Le Clos Chevalier" in Ornex. Thanks to an investment subsidy from CERN, CHIS members are given priority for admittance to the establishment (up to 5 places out of the total of 70).

As a result, CHIS contributes to the development of facilities for dependent persons in the Pays de Gex as well as guaranteeing its members access to these facilities.

"Le Clos Chevalier" opened its doors to the public on the 6th  October 2008.

Practical Information

Please see the Brochure available below.

The care centre can be visited by booking an appointment.

An application for admission at the establishment is done directly with the admissions service at Clos Chevalier :

Le Clos Chevalier

Service Admissions
7 rue du Pere Adam
01210 Ornex
tel. 04 50 99 11 00
fax. 04 50 92 19 28

The application form consists of an administrative section which needs to be completed by the person concerned and a medical section to be completed by the family doctor/physician.

The rates are set by the General Council and the DDASS in Ain.  In 2014, accommodation cost 66.24 Euros per day. This excludes contribution for dependency costs and extra care which is charged according to the residents specific needs.
The establishments' administrative services are able to assist residents with the formalities necessary for admission.

Updated on: 25/11/2015