Declaration of Health Insurance Situation Spouse/Partner

Role of the CHIS Declaration

In accordance with Article R III 6.01 of the CERN Health Insurance Rules,

"Any staff member, fellow or beneficiary of the CERN Pension Fund who is a Member of the Normal Health Insurance is obliged to notify CERN in writing of any health insurance cover from which his spouse benefits other than this insurance, as well as, where applicable, any income or retirement pension of his spouse deriving from professional activity."


When the spouse or partner of a CERN Staff member or fellow, or the spouse of a beneficiary of the CERN Pension Fund:

  • is not a CERN Staff member, fellow, student or apprentice and
  • is not covered by a similar health insurance, as defined by Article II 1.27, e.g. French Social Security, Swiss LAMal, and
  • has a monthly gross income or retirement pension (including CERN pension) of more than 2,500 CHF deriving from a professional activity,

a supplementary contribution is directly deducted from the remuneration of the main member (Staff member or fellow) or from the pension.

In all cases, the spouse or partner is automatically covered whether or not a supplementary contribution is paid. In case the spouse/partner already has a health insurance, the CHIS can be used like a "complementary insurance" without charge. 

When ?

A Declaration of Health Insurance Situation Spouse/Partner (CHIS declaration) is to be done when you take up your functions at CERN.

Subsequently, a CHIS Declaration must be filled out every time there is a change in your spouse/partner’s income or health insurance or whenever you receive an e-mail request to submit a declaration (normally around 12 months after your previous declaration).

How ?

The procedure is different according to your CERN status:

  • Staff and fellows should complete an electronic document in EDH.
    You will be asked your AIS login (name and password) and a new EDH CHIS declaration document will be created for you. Subsequently, an annual update of the declaration is required and will be requested by automatic email.
  • Pensioners should use the declaration below and return it to:
    Service des Prestations
    Caisse de Pensions
    CH 1211 Geneve 23

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Updated on: 20/07/2015