Octave courses at CERN

If you’re interested in learning about Octave as an open-source option alternative to MATLAB, please note that Octave training courses will be held at CERN in the beginning of December.

There will be two separate sessions.  The first assumes no knowledge of Octave or MATLAB.

The second is a more advanced level that could be particularly interesting for existing MATLAB users that would like to know how to run existing scripts in (licence-free) Octave.

Please see the links below for more course details and to sign-up:

Octave for beginners – December 7th -  http://cern.ch/course?173OCT01

Advanced Octave – December 8th -  http://cern.ch/course?173OCT02


If you have any questions, please contact directly technical.training@cern.ch



Updated on: 01/11/2017