Managing Small and Non-technical Projects with openSE

At CERN, there is a large community of engineers and technicians who study or build new equipment, systems and facilities. Such projects are managed in a structured way, and many departments at CERN have recently adopted the openSE framework.

The openSE framework is an open, lean and participative approach to project management and systems engineering, and is well suited for the construction of one-of-a-kind equipment, systems or facilities of a very complex nature, where safety and reliability are key.

Does this mean that openSE is not suited for small and non-technical projects, like for example the improvement of a service, or the reorganisation of a team or the implementation of a new IT application ?

We believe that the same basic approach can also be applied to such projects and have organised a specific course for people involved in such projects.

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Updated on: 06/11/2017