Developing a High Performance Team

‘Developing a High Performance Team’

Build trust and motivate your team with this highly effective development programme. Rob Hamblin has over 20 years’ experience in developing high performance teams and has delivered his programmes to organisations world-wide. This programme will provide you with an insight into your team’s current working style and show you how to tailor this to create a more effective team dynamic.

This bespoke programme has been created to equip your team with the tools it needs to improve levels of motivation, build a high-trust team culture and resolve team disagreements constructively.

The benefits….

  • Excellent logical structure which is easy to follow
  • Effective methods and exercises you can put into practice
  • Highly interactive and participative sessions
  • Bonus materials to take away and enable further skills development


What our delegates say about the programme….

“Rob is an excellent trainer. He knows the subject matter and is able to explain it clearly, at the right level of energy.”

“It is hard to improve something that is already very well done”

“Rob draws the audience in without getting in the way of the material. I was impressed by the amount of work and eye for detail that must have gone into preparing the course.”

How do I sign up? If you are interested in developing your team management techniques, why not sign up to our next programme which we will be running on the 4th-5th May?  Check out the CERN learning catalogue to enrol.

Updated on: 16/03/2017