CERN openlab: Computer architecture and efficient programming

Dear Colleagues,

Between November 12th and November 14th morning, CERN Technical Training and the IT department are organizing a hands-on course on Computer architecture and efficient programming. The objective is to help you write modern software that scales well on today and future computing systems.

The sessions will be led by a past member of the CERN openlab, experienced in modernizing and tuning complex HEP code written in C, C++ and Python. Discussions will include hardware-software interaction, optimization for modern processors, compilers, performance tuning, as well as the fundamentals of floating point computing and acceleration. Practical lab exercises, covering these concepts, are included.

The course is generously subsidized by the IT department to foster your learning of the newest technologies. Follow this link to read the description and apply for participation (there is a limited number of places).


CERN Technical Training

Updated on: 28/09/2018