Welcome to CERN!

A warm welcome to CERN!

Whether you are joining as a staff member, a fellow, a student, a trainee, an associate or a user there is much ahead to look forward to!

Our aim is to provide you with the 'essentials', the information you need to know to get you started and to help you settle into the area.

1. Before you come to CERN

Browse the following links to prepare your arrival:

  • ​The CERN Guide for Newcomers gives you a broad overview of things to think about before you come, of life on site, in the area, advice on settling in and much more.
  • Need a visa? These pages will guide you in the process.
  • Where will you live? When you come to CERN, you will decide whether to live in France or in Switzerland. Check out the following for guidance on:
  • For what concerns advice on removal and relocation in the area (if applicable and depending on your status), the Installation Service pages will provide you with useful information.
  • The Social Affairs is a drop-in service open to all Members of personnel to offer advice and support in a wide variety of circumstances.
  • Find out more about the CERN Health Insurance scheme on their dedicated website (applicable to Staff, Fellows and certain Associate Members of Personnel - MPA).

2. Essential reading

  • The Staff Rules and Regulations, which define and codify the legal relationship between the Organization and the members of the personnel,
  • The Code of Conduct applies to each and every person on the CERN site and is a useful guide for us all. It’s about common basic standards of behavior to help us understand how to conduct ourselves, treat others and expect to be treated in accordance with the CERN values,
  • As safety is a priority for the Organization, please get acquainted with the Safety Rules,

3. Your first day

You will be welcomed to the CERN Induction session, where you will be informed of the various steps to follow in order to equip you fully for a smooth start to your association with CERN.

And that's when the journey really begins....


Are you a Staff Member or a Fellow?

If you are a new staff member, a dedicated Welcome Brochure for Staff Members is available for you with further information.

For Staff Members and Fellows: information concerning the CERN Pension Fund.

Updated on: 09/08/2017