Internal Mobility at CERN

Internal Mobility Working Group

The last 5-yearly review highlighted the importance of making optimal use of internal mobility within the Organization, and this has led to Internal Mobility being made one of the key priorities to be addressed by HR Department in the coming years.

In order to achieve this objective, establishing a coherent and transparent policy is vital and to this end, an inter-sectorial working group has been set up to produce a concrete proposal for Management.

Internal Mobility at CERN is currently described in Administrative Circular 17 which dates from 1996. As highlighted by a preliminary study led by HR in 2012, it requires in-depth review and updating to adequately meet the needs of the Organization and its Staff. Internal Mobility is a shared responsibility and the input and commitment of all stakeholders is key.

In his public presentations in September 2017 (link), the Head of HR, James Purvis announced that a survey would soon be launched to collect the most recent perceptions from Staff on this subject and we will very much appreciate your input and support to get the most accurate and clear picture to build and make the most effective proposals to Management. In parallel, focus groups are now being set up with Staff members across the Organization, to concentrate on specific aspects of the Internal Mobility policy.

If you would like to become a member of one of these groups, please let us know (contact).
We thank you in advance for your collaboration!
The Internal Mobility working group.

Internal Mobility is open to Staff Members only.

All job opportunities published on the Careers at CERN page are by default open to Staff Members (LD and IC holders). If you have any questions please contact your Human Resources Adviser.

Updated on: 17/10/2017