Info on activities

Doctoral Student Poster Session 

When: 2 April 2014 at 15 hrs

Location: Council Chamber (503-1/001) and Pas Perdus (61-1/201) for the posters


15:00 hrs: Council Chamber

- Introduction by the Director General, Prof. Heuer

- Programme Statistics (I. Haug)

- Q&A Session (S. Russenschuck a. I. Haug)


15:45 hrs: Pas Perdus

- Poster Session


Student Field of Study University Dep. Poster Title (provisional)
CASTILLO GARCIA Lucia Physics EPFL, Switzerland PH Optical properties studies of glass samples for prototyping a TORCH detector module
DELONCA Melanie Mechanical Engineering Universite de Franche Comte, France EN Design of a Pb-Bi Loop Target at CERN-ISOLDE for the EURISOL Prototyping Phase.
DROSDAL Lene Physics University of Oslo, Norway BE Investigations of SPS orbit drifts
FERNANDEZ ADIEGO Borja Electronics Engineering University of Oviedo, Spain EN Appying Formal Verification on Industrial Control Systems
FRANCESCON Andrea Mechanical Engineering University of Padova, Italy PH Development of interconnected silicon micro-channel devices for the ALICE ITS on-detector electronics cooling
GLIGOROVA Angela Physics University of Bergen, Norway PH Development of position-sensitive detector for AEgIS experiment
GOMEZ MARZOA Manuel Mechanical Engineering EPFL, Switzerland EN Ultra Low-Mass Cooling Systems for the ALICE ITS Upgrade
KOUSKOURA Vasiliki Physics Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece PH Study of Di-boson production in ATLAS at LHC and upgrade of the ATLAS Muon Spectrometer
MANDELLI Beatrice Physics University of Oslo, Norway PH Quality Assurance and Characterization of the ATLAS Insertable B-Layer Detector
MANESSI Giacomo Safety/Radiation Protection University of Liverpool, UK DGS Development of advanced instrumentation for pulsed neutron fields
MEREGHETTI Alessio Physics University of Manchester, UK EN Benchmark of the Fluka-SixTrack Active Coupling against the SPS Scrapers Burst Test
MERLIN Jeremie Alexandre Physics University of Strasbourg, FRANCE PH Study of Classical Aging with CMS GEM muons chambers
OEFTIGER Adrian Physics EPFL Lausanne BE Space charge mitigation by hollow bunches
POZZI Fabio Safety/Radiation Protection Technische Universität München, Germany DGS The new Radiation Protection calibration facility at CERN
RAVAIOLI Emmanuele Electrical Engineering University of Twente, The Netherlands TE CLIQ: Coupling-Loss Induced Quench System for Protecting Superconducting Magnets
STERN Guillaume Surveying ETH Zurich, Switzerland EN Study and development of a laser based alignment system
TERENZIANI Giovanni Physics Sheffield Hallam University, UK TE Nb Coating Developments With HIPIMS for SRF applications
VAN WOERDEN Marius Physics Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands PH Tile Calorimeter calibration using W->munu muons from collisions