CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS)

As an international organization CERN has its own mutual health insurance: the CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS). It provides health insurance for active, retired and former members of the CERN personnel and for their families. The benefits, conditions, procedures and the contribution levels are defined in the CHIS Rules. The CHIS Information Notes provide further explanation to certain benefits or procedures.

The CHIS is administrated by a third party administrator, UNIQA, whom you may contact for further information and advice or with queries concerning membership, your coverage or the calculation of your reimbursements.

Goodbye CHIS Declaration, welcome SHIPID !

A new EDH document has recently been made available to replace the CHIS Declaration : the SHIPID (Spouse* Health Insurance & Professional Income Declaration). It better implements the CHIS Rules and, hopefully, is more user-friendly. This new EDH document as yet does not contain all the guidance and explanations foreseen; you are nonetheless invited to use it and to give us your comments, criticisms and suggestions (by e-mail to

Please note that the SHIPID Service that handles Spouse* Health Insurance & Professional Income Declarations can be reached by telephone (at +41.22.766 43 67) Mondays and Thursdays between 10:00 and 12:00. E-mails sent to the Service ( are handled without delay, but an answer may take 5 working days or more.

* As per Article S IV 1.02 of the Staff Rules and Regulations, the term “spouse” includes registered partners.

New CHIS Rules (effective since 1 September 2017)

New CHIS Rules entered into force on 1 September 2017, and are available in full under 'Reference documents' below. A presentation of the most significant changes was published on 12 July 2017 as an Official Communication.

Following the entry into force of the new CHIS Rules and in preparation for the determination of the supplementary contributions payable as of 1 March 2018 by former staff members awaiting a deferred pension who are members of the Scheme, a letter and specific form have been sent to these members by registered mail. The form should be completed and returned by 19 January 2018 at the latest; failure to do so will result in the highest supplementary contribution being imposed.

Updated on: 04/10/2017