Technical Training

CERN's success is built on its excellence in research and in developing fore-front technologies. The technical training programme supports the development of these technical competencies, by providing suitable learning solutions

What the team does

Learning and Development organises technical courses at CERN in collaboration with internal experts and/or external providers.
The team manages also the training facilities at the Technical Training Centre (building 593).

Type of training

The technical training programme is organised as follows:

  • Regular programme: courses taking place at least once a year. Session dates are published in CTA at the beginning of the calendar year; interested people can register on line.

  • Irregular programme: other courses that have taken place in the past but less frequent are published in CTA without session dates and on line registration is not foreseen. Interested people must contact for more information.

  • Tailor made training: courses specifically customised for individuals/groups/projects. They can be new or an adaptation of a course that is already offered. They are organised on request

Technical training courses usually concentrate on best practises, and are practice-oriented, related to specific work situations and/or topics. In general, they focus on the implementation of knowledge and skills or the mastering of new techniques/methodologies/hardware or software.

The training takes place onsite at the Technical Training Centre (building 593/572).

Domains (based on CCM)

All technical competency domains, except languages, safety and managerial skills. Examples of domains of expertise covered:

  • Controls and data acquisition
  • Information technologies
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical and electronic engineering
  • Physics
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Updated on: 16/03/2015